Bayer CWE Portal

The task was to design a collaborative workspace environment portal for Bayer to use internally to help structure there workplaces.

Phase 1 design

Phase 2 design

With the new branding documents from the client It was my task to adjust the designs accordingly.

Fonts and colours were adjusted as well as elements of the page and sections were re thought out and pages were added to make the journey clearer and more knowledgeable for the user.

The site held a lot of content and we had to re think the initial design to house all of this. All content all had to be updated by CMS so the backend had to be thought through prior to design sign off just so we could be sure everything was do-able

We held demos every 2 weeks with the client in Germany and some of the content team in London. In these demos we walked the client through our latest designs, the developed site and the CMS system.

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