Magnum Photos

Magnum photos required UX design and research to improve the overall experience of their current site. We also recommended design amends to fully achieve a streamline look and feel across the site. To support the future growth of the company and platform we developed new areas of the site to fully house everything a user would require.


We started with the navigation as we felt it was the perfect place to begin the sites overhaul and in turn it would fully streamline what we were presenting to the user.

Once a  a clear route was established the path to each section of the site was instantly more intuative and obvious for the user. The final design was rolled out across mobile, tablet and desktop and care was taken to ensure that clever tweaks to the design were in keeping with the current branding so as to not confuse the user.

Eco-system & Account area

If Magnum were going to introduce a new area of their brand in addition to the current platforms (Magnum Photos, Magnum Shop & Magnum Pro) there needed to be a clear sign posting feature for each of these.

We addressed this problem in the navigation and envisioned this to sit across each of the platforms. In order for each of these areas of the site to work and communicate with eachother we need to create an accounts area on the existing Magnum photos site.

With our development team we carried out some UX research on how this would work and presented back to Magnum and then proceeded to develop a clean and consistent design.

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