Quaker Arabia

Quaker Arabia required digital presence in the Middle East so I was required to put together concepts and designs for there regional website. It had to house many different elements from recipes, kids area, occasion specific activities and recipes etc. I also designed the site to be responsive so that we could reach the wide range of people in our audience.

The client required a Facebook application so that users could showcase recipes that they create with Quaker oats. We added a competition element to this by breaking it down into 4 weeks and each week there would be a theme that the user would have to follow such as Lunchtime or Dessert.

Winners would be selected based on the originality and creativity of the dish that they uploaded.
I created a user friendly app that was simple to follow yet also attractive and engaging. Over the four week period the app was very successful and generated a large amount of interest and conversation on the Quaker Arabia Facebook wall.

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